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Vegetable Korma

An Assortment Of Vegetables Cooked In Mild Curry (Mild)

$14 .50
Mushroom Masala

Mushroom Cooked With Onions,Tomato And Spices(Medium)

$14 .50
Alu Gobi

Cauliflower And Potato Cooked In Tomato With Chopped Corianderleaves, Served Dry(Medium)

$15 .50
Baingan Aloo

Curried Eggplant With Potatoes

$14 .50
Paneer Mutter / Saag

Cottage Cheese and Green Peas or cottage cheese with spinach. Cooked In Onion And Tomato Gravy (Medium)

$16 .00
Aloo Mutter / Aloo Saag

Potatoes And Green Peas or potatoes with spinach. Cooked In Onion And Tomato Gravy (Medium)

$16 .00
Saag Paneer / Aloo

Cottage Cheese Or Potatoes Cooked With Creamed Spinach (Medium)

$15 .50
Vegetable Vindaloo

Vegetables Cooked In Vindaloo Sauce (Hot And Spicy)

$15 .00
Vegetable Jalfrezy

Mixed Vegetables Curried With Capsicum Onions And Tomatoes

$15 .00

Lentil Curry

$14 .00
Potato Curry

Curried Potatoes (Medium)

$14 .00
Chole Masala

Chickpea Curry

$14 .00
Mali Kofta

Potato And Cheese Croquets Served In a Rich Creamy Sauce(Mid)

$15 .00
Paneer Tikka Jalfrezy

Cottage Cheese Curried With Capsicum, Onions And Tomatoes

$17 .00
Tofu Saag

Tofu cooked with spinach and spices

$15 .00
Tofu Mutter

Tofu and green peas cooked in onion and tomato gravy

$15 .00
Tofu Jalfrezy

Mixed vegetables with tofu curried with capsicum, onions and tomatoes

$15 .00
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Yogurt Salad Withcucumber And Tomato

$4 .50
$2 .50
$2 .50
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